Hey, Everyone. I'm new.

I've never quite been comfortable in my WRX. I'm 6'0", but my wingspan is 5'10". The wheel is, basically, an inch or so too far away. I have to choose between hunching my shoulders forward, cramming my knees into the lower dash (no head-ons, please!) or a little bit of both.

Would it be possible to fit a 2008+ telescopic steering column into my 2004? I'd be willing to drop some change on this if it would work.

I'm also thinking about aftermarket steering wheel hubs. Could I use one as a 1 inch "spacer" and retain the airbag functionality of my OEM Momo wheel? It's just occurred to me that this would make a narrower distance between the wheel and b-pillar. I wonder if this would make for a more awkward looking exit or not...

Anyway, your thoughts and expertise would be greatly appreciated!