I need to know the dimensions of a 02 spoilerlight. I bought a spoiler from subarugenuineparts.com and the spoiler didn't come with a light I emailed them and told them and they told me that I was suppose to get a "replacement spoiler kit" and it would of came with the light. So I am going to get a spoiler light off of spoilerlights.com and they don't have the correct one for my spoiler they need the dimensions for them to make one for me. I need to know approximately, how many inches is the spoilerlight in length. What is the width of the light in inches. Does it have tabs, holes, or is it mounted by the aid of adhesive tape. If it has tabs or holes, how many does it have. How many tiny little LED bulbs are in side your light the exact count and is the wiring located on the side, center, or off-center. Thank you