1-UP Shroom Shifter Mod
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    1-UP Shroom Shifter Mod

    Super Mario Brothers 1-UP Green Mushroom? Check.
    Too much other, more important **** to do? Check.
    Useless drill with bad batteries? Check.
    Falling victim to my OCD and doing this pointless and awesome mod anyway? Check.

    1. Drill 12mm hole in bottom of mushroom.
    2. Thread 12mm nut onto threaded end of shifter, followed by a 1" wide, 12mm washer, followed by the mushroom can, another washer, and another nut.
    3. Tighten your nuts.
    4. Cram your can with heavy brass balls or whatever gives your stick some weight.
    5. Slather the inside of your mushroom helmet with Mighty Putty, and jam it on the shifter.
    6. Wait a day for the glue to set, and crustify.
    7. Grab your new mushroom tip and ride. And be safe out there, kiddies.

    Ahh, now I can go to sleep tonight.


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    i love super mario & thats adorable.

    i just wouldnt be caught dead with it in my car.

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    Considering that nobody else has one I have no choice but to respect it...

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    Thats so yells out "NERD", but my GF love my little "nerdish" moments but i would be juat nerdy enough to do that but i love my knob that i have.

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    Cute, but seems a little fat for the grip. And "great job" on all the sexual references!!! I think that's better than the "mushroom tip" itself! Haha! (Guess I'm the only one who caught it)...

    But you're using Magic Putty?!?!? What's the matter with you??!?

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