I'm having a problem with my aux-in board from Jazzy Engineering. I emailed them with the problem but I thought maybe someone here might be able to help me out.. Here's what I emailed:

I got the Subaru Aux-in Pro iPod Kit in December. When I installed it, the sound and charging worked perfectly, but the sound from the cd player completely disappeared. This was fine with me because being able to connect my iPhone made the cd player obsolete. This also meant that I didn't have to bother putting in the silent cd because all of my cds were silent. So all was good up until recently when I turn on the stereo and I hear a bunch of static and distortion over my music. After listening closely I realize that this is actually the music from the cd in the player that's completely distorted. So I put in the silent cd you supplied and now it is ALMOST back to normal. The problem is there is still occasional scratchy static noises. It comes and goes but sometimes it builds up and gets extremely loud.

My guess was that when I first installed it, I somehow loosened the connection for the cd audio and then over time it somehow became partially connected again. I just now took everything apart and checked all of the connections that I made during the install. The ribbon cable coming out of the cd player and into the jazzy board is secure on both ends and so is the ribbon cable going from the board back into the stereo. The rca cables going into the board are secure and so are the rca cables going into the gli. The red and black cables for the charger are also secure. I tried making another silent cd as per your instructions in a forum post on legacygt.com. Still have the problem. I'm basically out of ideas. Is it possible there is something wrong with the board? I made a short recording of the noise it makes that I could send you if you think it would help.