I have about TOO MANY projects going on at once, and had the pleasure of meeting the best friend of my WRX's previous owner! (found out my turbo is bored, and the Borla exhaust system is Perrin up front, and the "snorkus delete" is also a K&N FIPK under the stock skin, with only the stock intake pipe as a choke... Perrin Big MAF coming soon) My trunk install is just lovely... ugh... it's great to see a $1200 amplifier just hanging by it's mounting bolts, my RedTop too deep in snow to get to... along with my 1/0 battery terminals. So I installed everything else, but I am running the doors from the stock 6 disc unit, and have no intention of putting the PRS600 in the dash until there is voltage to support everything. The cap is mounted, the subs are bolted in, and most of the cable is run, SoundStream PQ7 is in the glove box along with the CD-BTB BlueTooth controller and 12 Esoteric Audio interconnect RCA heads, and an LED upgrade to the lamp in there. SO that's the status on that... though I am not here about that at all... other than a quick question at the bottom.

What seat rails are folks using with Bride Gias Kevlar seats?

(and now my quick question)

Where do I put the fuse for the 1/0 power line running to my amp rack? The engine bay seems to demand a labyrinth of wire when going as large as 1/0, since grommets are tiny, space is a premium, and the mounting options are few, other than "between the terminals", which according to Kimber is a "no-no", and "ground and power wires must be kept shielded or distant" to achieve a true zero Db noise floor which I assume we all would like ... any ideas?