Here in my install. Used a piece of abs plastic, some 2 part plastic weld and suction cup bracket. Used clear 3m heavy duty double stick tape (so strong I almost need a heat gun to remove it.) Took a little work to get the ange perfect but it came out well. The V1 could not be higher, and more level. Clear rear view too. Called Valentine Research and they said that the black ceramic dots wold most certainly NOT effect radar performance at all. Laser performance might be slightly reduced but I have been hit over 5 times and it always goes off. I am planing to do a LI laser jammer/detector so the V1 will be redundant for laser.

Factory "CRUSE" kill switch (from 02 WRX) next to factory fog switch.

Remote display will be mounted in clock pod, gonna move clock over to the left and have both in the same pod.