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    Ok so i bought my car a while ago, and the previous owner had some white face gauges ontop of the stock gauge cluster. They didn't light up so only the needle was lit. It was hard to see anything on the gauges so i decided to take them off. I got the whole gauge cluster off and realized that i somehow had to slip all of the white faces over the needles. So i pushed and pulled and ended up slipping all of them off. After uncovering the stock gauge cluster they lit up perfectly and it fixed my problem.

    But also unraveled a new one.

    When i was pushing and pulling on the white faces trying to get them off i must have pushed on the tachometer needle a little too hard because it doesn't move freely at all. When the car is running it is very jumpy. It will go from 0-3k rpms fine but anything after that it jumps per 1k rpms. This happened a while ago and it is really annoying. I really don't want to buy one of those huge ricey tachometers that mount on the dash...

    I was wondering if there was any other way to fix it? I dont really want to buy a whole new gauge cluster...

    The car is a 02 WRX.
    Thanks all for help.

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    i had that problem on my last car and i found out that it was one of the wires that cliped into the back of the spedo, the wire was loose in the clip creating a unstable connection. id would just check over all the connections again and be very carefull putting it back together.

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    The gauge cluster needles on Impreza's are very sensitive. Be careful.

    It's possible you pushed the needle down while taking the glo gauges out, to remedy this you can use a Spoon and pry the needle up just a bit to get it off the cluster.

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