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since you mentioned them. Any idea where to get orciari headlights?? I absolutely love that look but cant find them anywhere and dont speak italian so going directly through orciari is a pain.
Poke around on the forums in the 'used parts' areas, and someone will have STi lamps, or some Morettes, Orciari lamps now are basically blacked out USDM Impreza lamps. They used to make a set that was somewhat similar to STi ones, but I don't think they have those anymore. . They were sort of a cross between the two,Morette and STi, and if you can find them in good shape, they're probably more expensive (the older projector type) than they are worth.

I had good luck with the "Jun SuperLemon" eyelids, they are exactly the shape of the lamps, and stick like ya welded it if you use 3M double sided adhesive. They come pre-primed and perfect, wrapped to death individually in bubble wrap, and are hand signed by the glass crafter who made them. I think they were $40 or threabouts. Paint was $40, and they are still like new. I do recommend DuPont Imron 9 layer paint over baked loose-fiber-reinforced weave vs. Avery 5yr. Decal Vinyl, which is about the best stuff in the business for bang-for-the-buck decals, and what nearly all the eBay vendors use for their headlight "appliques". The point of the eyelid is to make the hood fit against the fenders more smoothly to the eye, while removing the harsh glare of HID units running in the huge parabolic dish the OEM US WRX shipped in with. The HID in the projector STi lamp has beam cutoff engineered into it's inner chassis, and has no use for eyelids other than bein' sporty.
It also marginally keeps rocks heading directly toward the winshield at Max Vel.. It does nothing to protect the lamps, the used surface of the lens is as easy for a rock to chip as it was before you did the eylids, it just looks sweet, and if you've got HIDs, you are cool to others.