Hi everyone, I am interested in purchasing an 09 WRX in the near future (either that or an EVO X) and have been browsing this forum for quite some time. I have yet to test drive the WRX, as it will not be here in Toronto for another couple weeks (or so I have been told by a dealer).

I have a question regarding installing an aftermarket navigation system on the 08/09 WRX, as nav is not offered as an option on the WRXs here in Canada. Please correct me if I am mistaken, but it does not appear that the stereo in the 08/09 WRX is a traditional double din size. It will certainly accommodate aftermarket navigation systems, as I know, but it appears that the opening is slightly larger than the standard double din found in most cars. It seems that the stock navigation system offered here on the STI is a bit larger than those offered aftermarket, allowing it to sit flush with the WRX dash and without any unslightly spaces or plastic gaps.

Can someone please confirm whether an aftermarket nav will fit flush in the 08/09 WRX, or whether there will be spacing issues. If there are such issues, does anyone know of a slightly larger unit that might fit? I'd like to go for as seamless a look as possible.