Ok, so here's my situation... I just bought a Seibon hood for my wrx and it has the STi size scoop to go with it. I also purchased a stock STi air-splitter to go up inside the scoop to direct the air-flow down onto and through the larger TMIC (JDM STi). I figured that the Seibon hood would have pre-drilled holes for mounting the air-splitter but I found out that it did not.

So, what I need to know is how are other people mounting their air-splitters onto these hoods? I was planning on using all of the hardware off of my stock wrx hood but the stock air-splitter is held in place by 7 small plastic clips in which you drive screws into them, but the LAME thing is that they are square and I can't drill square holes Haha Any ways around this? I am trying to get this figured out ASAP because I am worried about driving my car hard without proper air-flow into the intercooler... Please any ideas would most definitely help.. Thanks again!