I just purchased the Pioneer AVIC-D3 and to my surprise, it now comes with the bluetooth unit. When I was looking on crutchfield, they sold it seperately for $150 on top of the $700 for the D3 itself. I got the whole thing at best buy for 700, and I was told pioneer would soon be eliminating the kick-back they give to retailers, so the price should be going back up soon.

Anyways, I want to know what I will need to keep using my Sirius radio. I have the stock head unit on my 07 WRX and it came with Sirius. I've been told that I will need a different tuner since I'm switching to an aftermarket stereo. Someone else told me I can use what I already have. Can anyone set things straight for me?

Also, is this going to be terribly hard to install? I've installed stereos, disc changers, etc before but never something this "complicated." Just wondering how much time to set aside to do this. Or if it was a huge PITA, I can just pay to have it installed and forget about the headache.

Thanks in advance!