Since the first time I got in my STi I have thought about doing this. Took 4 years later, but its done! Took only a few minutes (plus glue dry time) and I am so happy with it!

First I removed the kicker panel under stearing wheel and removed the I/C Sprayer switch. I then cut the harness on the car side and spliced in some extra trailer wire I had that worked out because its 4 seperate wires.

Attachment 77942

Then I started by removing the two panels beyond the armrest.

Attachment 77938

I spliced in the trailer wire into the sprayer harness then routed and ziptied it out of the way of the steering column and pedals, tucked it into the panels and along the harness next to the shifter linkage. Then I spliced the other end of the trailer wire into the connector I cut earlier.

Meanwhile, I started with phase two. Moving the DCCD wheel next to the DCCD on/off switch. Their has always been a blank knock out panel there, and its been in my head to move the wheel into it. SIMPLE!!! If you do this, you will notice that its a rectangle with a simple notch in one corner, I had to dremel this out to let the wheel switch fit in. It didnt snap in as well as I like so I placed it in and glued it so it wouldnt push up. The harness is long enough to hook up. SIMPLE!!!!!!!! And I love it! Eyes on road, hand reaches back, flips DCCD on, moves ever so slightly to the right and adjust the wheel. Why did Subaru move it so far away!?

Now in place of the DCCD wheel I put the I/C Sprayer button. The sprayer switch is much much larger. Dremel came back out. Go slow, cant add more plastic. As pictures I made a slight off cut on driver side. I notice, because im a perfectionist, and the camera makes it look more noticable yet! Really doesnt look bad.

I forgot to take a picture of it, but I had to form a piece of wood and glue it to the inside of the handbrake panel. Glued the I/C Switch to the wood then the panel, were it curves down by were the handbrake sits when off. Also, you have to be real easy replacing the panel. The switch is deep, and nearly bottoms out into the tranny tunnel. I left my switch high on purpose, easier to hand reference without removing my eyes from the road. Another bonus is I can hold it down, move my hand to a shift, and return to holding the switch down. So much nicer!

Attachment 77939

To finish this all up I put the knock out were I relocated the wheel too by the old I/C switch location. Different size, slightly smaller. Had to use some handy filler items to glue it in. Again, camera makes it look worse then really is. Must be the flash. Cant notice the color difference either!

Attachment 77941