well, i installed an autometer boost gauge in my 02 wrx. first problem, crimped the nylon line in a few spots and the rubber hose it was split into cracked. i replaced the nylon and the rubber hose with autometer brass line (or whatever material) and rubber hose.

the gauge says i'm only pushing about 5-6 psi when i know that number should be about 12-13. i'm not terribly familiar with ferrule connections so maybe i over tightened it or didn't tighten it enough. i was fairly certain it was tightened just enough. i'm also fairly certain that i'm pushing full boost because the car just beat my other friend's wrx last month in autocross. unless i've developed some slow leak and had the frog boiling in water effect.

another thing is, when i was building the gauge pod, a little mishap occured and i needed to cut the gauge out of a piece of pipe it wasn't meant to fit in with a grinder (yeah yeah yeah, lesson learnt ) perhaps the shock from that messed up something in the gauge?

what i'm saying is, i'm not entirely sure what the duece is going on. i haven't crimped the line, i already looked it over. perhaps i messed up the ferrule connection or the gauge isn't working properly.

sorry for the length, anyone with any suggestions would help me a ton.