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This is a discussion on Radar/Laser detectors within the Interior Mods forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; passport x50 and 9500...

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    hey what do u guys think about the beltronics 995? i just got it but i found a guy who will sell me a k40 radar thats 299 for 199 he says its better than the bel995 what do u guys think? the price is lower b/c of an extended black friday sale
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    Have they ironed the kinks out of the 9500's yet? I know that when they first came out alot of people were having problems with them never registering a signal. Just so ya'll know, these detectors have a GPS unit in them and you can have them store the false signal (i.e. Grocery store doors and other such things) data so it does false all the time. For some reason, all the reviews said that they erred too much on the side of not falsing, and missing actual speed traps.

    That said, I went with the tried and true and got a Valentine V1. So far its been awesome and has saved my ass a few times. I will say that I speed less now then before I got it, most because having it there is a reminder that I should slow the heck down (even when its not going off).

    It does tend to pick up a lot of stuff other then actual cop radar guns and lasers, but frankly I would rather have that then lower range and less ability to pick up bogies at range (gotta know about them before they know about you and all that). I almost always detect the cop from at least half a mile away and have plenty of time to make sure I am doing the speed limit.

    The other plus side to the V1 is that it has two detector surfaces, which allows it know if the source is in front or behind you, and if there are multiple hits (i.e. two cops, or a grocery store and a cop....etc.) and what bands each one is. Also, they are designed to be upgraded, so that when Valentine comes out with the next new thing (most recently it was POP detection), it can be easily added on to what I have now for a moderate fee. Build quality is excellent too. If you get one, the best price you will find is from the Valentine site itself too.

    I've heard good stuff about the Beltronics and Escort upper end detectors as well. If they have gotten the kinks out of the 9500i then its definitely worth a look (a bit more expensive then even the top end stuff). Unfortunately, next to no one caries any of the high end detectors at a store, so you can't check them out. Reviews are you friend though. Good luck and happy hunting.

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    Or you could just drive within the speed limit...

    I was actually thinking of picking up the escort (not the 9500).
    My friend had one in his TL and no tickie yet, but he only drives like 80-85 any ways, so he not super obvious.

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    I just couldn't belly up and spend hundreds for a detector. So I decided to get the Whistler XTR 690 ($115'ish from Amazon.com).

    I road trip a LOT and it has saved my arse many times over. Obviously, laser will still nail you regardless. I've been lucky a few times recently because of traffic slowing down ahead of me.

    My only complaint with this Whistler are the false alarms (when in city mode). But... it does have a silence feature that makes it a LOT less annoying.

    Like other folks have said... dont let it give you a false sense of security. The law can be sneaky. I know... my father used to be one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlimFlamMan View Post
    CHP and Traffic cops can be sneaky.

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    Here are my thoughts from a previous post on detectors.

    I'd also add that since I've got it, it's paid for itself at least 5 times over.
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    i've got the beltronics rx65. it has saved me about $500 worth of tickets so it basically pays for itself. just my 0.02.
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    i have a 9500 in both my WRX and Z06. first trip with it in my WRX, it alerted me to a MD trooper with a laser around the corner (he had used it on another car in front of me). it's helped me out a bit, tho it does give off a lot of false alerts.
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    i 've been driving for about 3 years and got my first ticket in my wrx a month after i got it, so most of my friend got the 8500 x50, picked one up my self, saved my ass many times. I would say pick up a radar detector if u do alot of highway driving, because my local cops dont drive around with radar on.

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    Radar detectors do very well for detectin radar/laser. However, lots of highway patrols and State Police use aircraft and VASCAR. Radar detectors are useless as both methods employ a calculation time over distance traveled. Sneaky.....

    To quote wiki:
    VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder) is a technology for determining the speed of a moving vehicle. It is used by police officers to catch speeders, mainly in jurisductions where RADAR and/or LIDAR are illegal, or to prevent detection by those with radar detectors. A VASCAR unit couples a stopwatch with a simple computer. Speed calculation is done by dividing the distance between two markers (such as a white circle or square painted on the carriageway) by the time the target vehicle takes to travel between the markers.

    This also allows accurate determination of vehicle speeds by aerial platforms, such as helicopters, making it easier to make a conviction.
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    i was about to say DPS here in arizona aswell as some of the regular cops are starting to use this system. Friends started noticing that the cops were catching the and their radar wouldnt even blink a light at them let alone go off. IMO a radar detector will only make you ballsy, i for one try to drive the speed limit 80% of the time, sometimes i speed, sometimes im so out of it i do under the speed limit (late at night when its not busy out).

    I think you should just save your money kid.


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