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This is a discussion on Shift light within the Interior Mods forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; I used a Cypress PSoC for the controller, because that's what I use at work. You could use just about ...

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    I used a Cypress PSoC for the controller, because that's what I use at work. You could use just about any 8-bit micro, though. I conditioned the tach input with a resistor divider and a Shottky diode, then ran that into a capture timer. I powered it with a simple 7805 regulator on a Radio Shack protoboard, and stuffed it all in a little plastic project box. The box has some nice mounting ears on it, so it actually almost looks factory.

    I used some spare Cat-5 to run the LED lines out to a smaller board with 6 red PLCC-2 LEDs soldered to it, which becomes a sort of remote display. That way I could make it very small and discreet, by hiding the brain box deep under the dash. I'm probably going to bump up the resistors, because the red LEDs are high-brightness (for tail lights) and get distracting at night. Green would probably be a better choice, but I had red on hand.

    I tapped the green tach wire behind the cluster, just like any other tach or shift light. I can't remember if it puts out 1 or 4 pulses per revolution, I'd have to dig out the design and look. Power comes from the lighter circuit, which is fused for something pretty high, like 10A. I actually put in a terminal strip so I can add more junk later. That's stuffed in the center console, just forward of the shifter.
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    4 pulses

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    Here is my set up, it cost 65 bucks from Its great, you can adjust the brightness and the shift point from the control module. As you can see its nice and small and easy to hide. You can either just plug it into your cig. ligher for race days or hardwire it and have it on a daily basis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsel
    can you see something in that location any easier than the tach? seems you would still have to kind of take your eyes off the road. The idea is growing on me.
    A light catches your eye when it flashes without looking directly at it. If you're relying on the tach for a shift point, you're not focusing on the road. A shift light is much better than watching the tach. I want one, too.
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