Ok ... on my 2005 WRX sedan I want to install a readout for the outside temp because I'm often driving in places where its hovering right around freezing and would like some insight as to how close to icy conditions I am. So here's my idea:

To the left of the steering wheel, where the fog light button and windshield wiper heater button are there is an empty slot where I'm guessing the STi has additional buttons. I would really like to take out the dummy button in there and somehow install a simple digital readout for outside temp. I'm not very mechanically inclined and would most likely have to pay someone to install this for me. I know its sort of a screw-ball idea, but if anyone has any ideas about how this could be done, or how much something like this would cost, could they speak up?

Also, if anyone has any alternative ideas about an outside temp gauge I'd be really appreciative. I don't want to get something that velcros onto the dash and looks cheap.

Thanks so much for any help!