I would like to replace the factory speakers in my car, but the Crutchfield site doesn't list the size for the factory component speakers.

My goal is to get something that's a direct replacement, but I understand this may not be possible. If not I'd like to know what will work with some spacers. In other words how much mounting depth and what diameter do I have to work with.

I could tear off the door and do this all on my own, but I'm hoping somone out there's already been through it. The only thing I found when searching was a FAQ from someone who replaced the factory speakers, but they weren't the component speakers. I assume the woofer would be the same size, and I can follow that instruction, but I'm not sure on the tweeter.

Also just a confirmation that the rear door speakers are 4" would be nice also.

I got the car third hand and it had a sub and amp installed by the original owner, but I have no idea if it has the factory speakers. Since it has the factory deck I am under the assumption it still has factory speakers. Basically I'm ready to rip it all out and start from scratch.

Thanks for the help,