I am replacing the front driver's and passenger's seat belt modules from my 2001 euro spec WRX (equiv to LHD JDM bugeye WRX, I guess) with salvage seat belt modules from a 2003 euro spec WRX.

I noticed there is a slight difference between the 2001 and 2003 two pin connector which interfaces with the airbag computer. The wire "pig tail" which attaches to the seat belt module is only 6-8 inches long and has a half inch square shaped plug connector on the "car side" and a very small, odd shaped plug connector on the seat belt module side.

The plug connector on the seat belt module side of the pig tail on the 2001 has a small "hour glass" shaped cross section. The same connector on the 2003 module side appears to have a very small squarish plug.

Does anyone have these two short twin conductor wire sections left over from a 2002-2003 part-out? If so, please advise and we can arrange to swap photos. Thanks.