Well, I HATE the carbon fiber "pattern" interior, it looks like pure hell to me. I've never been one for funny colors on the interior but am a fan of black and yellow and the WIDE contrast they offer so I thought, "Hey, why not body color my carbon fiber trim peices?" The whole shabang will cost me less than $30 so why not? Well, I got one peice done (main console peice that goes around the stereo/heater controls) and I love it so far, gonna have to redo it though, while it was curing I dropped my pliers on it and messed up the paint. But it might piss me off after while. If I don't end up liking it, I'll go black but either one would be better than the carbon (to me anyway) I've got the vent rings curing the primer right now.

Oh, it's the factory Sonic Yellow, base/clear mixed by the dealership (cert. PPG mixing site) I used to work at. Free paint WOOHOO!!!

I'll get pics up when it's all done.