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This is a discussion on Chat room??? within the Improving forums, part of the News and Announcements category; i dont know what the possibility of this is but i think it would be very cool if we had ...

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    89 Chat room???

    i dont know what the possibility of this is but i think it would be very cool if we had a chat room going. i have no clue about how to run websites so if its too much of a hassle or it costs too much money or whatever let me know. i was just thinking it would be a good idea, i know there are quite a bit of people surfing the site at once so i figure if there was a chat room we could all talk real time.

    anyways just a thought....

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    We throw together a chatroom on AIM once in a while. Check OT occasionally for maximum wh0re potential!
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    having a chat room would be pretty sick, especially for those times when you are doing an install and something goes wrong, and you need to ask a fellow rex owner a quick question, then you have to post, and wait...and wait....and delay the install, you know?

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    Bad idea, sorry.

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    maybe a link to an AIM/Yahoo chatroom on the bottom of the Clubwrx index or something, but not a chatroom on the forum.
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    Yeah maybe a irc chat would be great ^_^.
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