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This is a discussion on Google searchbar column within the Improving forums, part of the News and Announcements category; It was bugging me but if I sit of center towards the righ then I don't notice it as much....

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    It was bugging me but if I sit of center towards the righ then I don't notice it as much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavallino333 View Post
    It was bugging me but if I sit of center towards the righ then I don't notice it as much.
    haha nice
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    I thought I had spyware at first
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    My panties are in a bind!

    The forum doesn't resize itself so you can read everything, tho.

    If it isn't maximized, it gets cut off. I don't think I had this problem before:

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    I dont like it either IMO. + 1 with 1280x1024 19 inch LCD.

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    Yeah, I'm not sure if it's the fact that it's on the left or what, but when I came on and saw it I thought something had loaded incorrectly. I normally wouldn't comment on anything in this specific forum because I REALLY like ClubWRX, and have always loved the set up (and I’ll add that of the MANY online forums I have used this one is FAR from hard to use imho). I haven't been posting long here, but I've been lurking here for a while and I can be added to the list of "I'm really not feeling the google bit on the left".

    As has been mentioned, maybe this can be added up top? I don't know, but I use these forums on a whole range of different size screens including 14", 17", 21" 23" all with decent resolutions, and even on my 23" the "feel" is off, sort of “cramped” as others have said.

    I love these forums, I think the new look is great, and read them like it's my job, but I too am not feeling the bar on the left. Maybe, when it's all set up I'll like it more, but, for now, I’m afraid I'm not a fan.

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    Side scrolling sux the big one. A person new to this site would probably run away and join NASIOC.
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    I don't like it, takes up too much space - 17" at 1280x1024. I'd like an option to hide it or something. The side scrolling sucks. But I like the idea of it, just not the placement.

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    honestly, the construction of this forum is VERY sub-par

    it's the content that makes this site

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    That google bar is annoying, put it up top.

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    +1 to doing away with the google bar, or moving it to the top

    I'm on a laptop (i'm a college student) and this just takes up too much precious space on my 14.3 widescreen.

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    I really don't mind having this google search.. its a good idea, but please do relocate it. Why not make the google text ads left justified and fill in the remaining space to its right with the google search. Or if you want to highlight the existence of this new search, give it its own row (not column) below the google text ads.

    I think its kinda poor web design to have the main content that much off-center just for a very small search feature to have its own column. I'm at 1152x864 resolution and i still get small side-scrolling action :S

    But like i said... great idea with a new search. I'm all for putting emphasis on searching before posting and I'm glad this site is evloving... not like the other forums out there. keep up the good work!
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    if you orient the google bar horizontally, you can scroll by it and the rest of the forum is unaffected. if you have it going vertically, it eats up about 2" of my screen...and goes all the way down, long after google has run out of ads to blast me with, but there are still posts on the page.
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    go f*** yourself

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    Alright the people have spoken. I will somehow fit the list of links on the top of the site. It won't look very pretty (something that reminds me of Craigslist) becuase we'll have quite a few links, but at least we'll get the job done and avoid all the hassle.

    Please refer to the following link for the follow up to this thread:

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