Hi all,

I am a BMW convert and got my 2006 WRX last week. Being a novice in modding and knowing that the most performance constricting component of a turbo is the exhaust, my plan is to start with a turboback exhaust.

My top 2 choices are Cobb and Tanabe. I am leaning towards the Tanabe G concept Blue b/c of the more competitive pricing. However, my greatest concern is the droning/ humming sound while cruising. Tanabe also has a Medallion Touring system that guaruntees 93db. But the touring system does not come with the DP, which limits its gain in performance. Also the inconel tip looks way cooler. If you have to guess, what's the performance difference b/w the Touring and Concept Blue?

In short, I want a system that will maximize my gain, yet gives me a civilized sound. I am open to any ideas/ advice.

Thanks in advance