UK and Ex-Pats Chat Group

UK and Ex-Pats Chat Group

  1. JainYuan
    f**k i love my 08 WRX its so f**king mean and fast!!
    say what are all the big tuning brands for WRXs i use to be a honda guy and now i'm new to subaru and i wanna know whats good... but i'm looking for sometihng like HKS style not Rallying
  2. JainYuan
    **** i love that sti ... man if i would have known this earlier i would have bought this
  3. Weasel 555
    Weasel 555
    check out 08wrx and subaru's SPT parts for the 08 are top quality also.
    (p.s.take it easy on the swearing)
  4. tmann05
    well how is everyones weekend going? mines been great, last night went out to a bachelor party....and whats ironic is there was this hot stripper i met that looks just like my avatar lol...good times
  5. JainYuan
    ya SPT parts are good but they are jacked expensive
  6. Weasel 555
    Weasel 555
    where u be ? in US they are on special at $333 for 08 exhaust
  7. Oak1ey
    Hello everyone, I did it I done the Santa Pod Drag and won best newcomer in E group 4 wd.

    Reaction time .2950 apparently that's professional standard. 14 Sec run @ 112mph

    Reckon I would have done a 13.5 but the weather was to darn hot ( yes I am tlaking about Britain )

    Has anyone recieved there pictures I emailed
  8. MrsO
    Take it the ice queen has just left for the day then?
  9. Weasel 555
    Weasel 555
    hahah the ice pwincess is overseeing the wickle oakley skiving from werk

    yeah was talkin to me mum yesterday was saying its was in the 20's ! and dang hot !
  10. acrscotland
    I'm hoping to see my SPT pipes this week...all being well! I'm on the list at my dealer and can't wait! I called last week and he's expecting the first shipment to arrive this week. It's the only thing I don't like about my car - the exhaust is almost inaudible and the pea-shooters just look daft! I'm really hoping to have them on before the Victory Pub meet on the 24th.

    My sister was just telling me she was sunbathing all day at the botanical gardens in's 25C there today...and it's freezing, windy and very wet here - wtf?!

    Had a blast this week and definitely took a few years off my liver! Went to a house party on Friday night and a concert Saturday. The folks we went to the concert with are bad news as far as staying sober...ayyy! Still...I think I represented Brits pretty well
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