UK and Ex-Pats Chat Group

UK and Ex-Pats Chat Group

  1. Oak1ey
    Laters guys speak tomorrow
  2. TheJ
  3. tmann05
    Happy Hump Day Everyone!
  4. tmann05
    I agree with you Oak1ey that it sets off the rear, but compare and contrast here ok lol
  5. MrsO
    hump day?
  6. tmann05
    haha yes today is Wednesday. Simply means we are halfway through the work week and over the hump.
    Edit: Image over the line.
  7. Oak1ey
    Hiya Tmann wow what a hectic day, I have hardly made any posts at all today.

    Kind've hard to know what to do with the graphics that why I want to be 100% that whatever we decide to go with we are going to love it.

    Otherwise everytime I look at the car and I am going to be thinking what a waste of money ( not good )

    Thing was when I took the yellow Subaru Graphics of the car I thought it looked cleaner.

    Maybe we should lower it first get the side skirts etc blown in add the red WRX mudflaps White alloys and take it from there
  8. tmann05
    I respectfully agree. Do the drop,skirts, and flaps and see how she looks. ahh yes and white rims
  9. Oak1ey
    Starting to get the shopping list ready for next Friday taking the day off to drive up to Japense Performance Parts and spend some dollar.
  10. Oak1ey
    It's going to be cool having the car gradually coming together over the next year and for you guys to see it evolve into a rolling beasty
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