UK and Ex-Pats Chat Group

UK and Ex-Pats Chat Group

  1. tmann05
    typical busy monday for me sorry i aint been on alot today lol
  2. Oak1ey
    Behave your self Tyler you want to work with the muppets I have to WTF.

    Good to see you on though buddy ..............been hijacking lately ( no thats not sexual if your viewing our group )
  3. Oak1ey
    Bearing in mind the messages were a mixture of today and yesterday, and as far as I know I can't get in trouble EVER whooring on this group ( Can I Weasel ?? )
  4. Oak1ey
    Ayy Wife, don't go telling random stranger s that I am going they'll start ignoring me like you do
  5. Oak1ey
    Mad was supposed to be in there as in " going mad "

    Been a long day as you can tell.

    Coffee is working though
  6. MrsO
    I'm sure I heard something....

    Oh, it was the cleaner farting
  7. Oak1ey
    Don't be silly they are to polite to do that. It was more then likely Henry the hoover.
  8. MrsO
    there it goes again...
  9. MrsO
    think I'm gonna stock up on air freshener
  10. Oak1ey
    Thats what appealed to me your wicked sense of humour
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