UK and Ex-Pats Chat Group

UK and Ex-Pats Chat Group

  1. MrsO
    cool, that's one thing I used to hate about the south, clubs only stayed open till 3am latest unless you went to London.

    At least up North/midlands you couold go out on Friday night and not go home till Sunday night!
  2. tmann05
    depends on your age,what u like, and where u live. I live an hour from any kinda nightclubs, but there are bars in every town. Im not big on parties or bars cuz im no beer drinker. i like liquor. dance clubs and strip clubs are about the best entertainment around lol
  3. MrsO
    so what sort of music do you guys listen to over there in your dance clubs? e.g house, trance, drum & bass etc
  4. Oak1ey
    Tmann in to the sounds of his Scooby Vrrmmm Vrrmmm
  5. MrsO
    cool - so Tmann has a time machine as well?

    to go forward in time when he has a scooby?
  6. tmann05
    haha yes i will be into the sounds of my STI someday. but for now i can listen to about any kind of music except country. but mainly i listen to rap because of the beat it makes in my car with the two 12" subwoofers i got in there. i think for my STI i will not get much bass in there cuz that will give me no trunk room and weigh me down....what about u guys?
  7. tmann05
    Oak1ey i just got a brilliant idea of how to get your post count up.......just hang out in the new member section and say "Welcome to the club." On every new member's thread that joins, just like The J does it.
  8. MrsO
    I mix funky/US & electro house, but like a bit of drum & bass and even some speed garage now and then.

    We used to have a really nice bit of kit in our MGZS which made the car bounce, but refuse to put anything in the scooby, for the same reason as you - the extra weight
  9. Weasel 555
    Weasel 555
    tiestos , armin van buren , all sorts even occasionally that hippity hop music
  10. MrsO
    Paul Van Dyk used to be my hero.

    I expect you have being in the states, but have you heard of DJ Sneak and Derrick Carter?

    I can't do hip hop, used to a long time ago but not now
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