UK and Ex-Pats Chat Group

UK and Ex-Pats Chat Group

  1. Oak1ey
    I tell you what Weasel these f##king computers at work are useless thats 10 minutes trying to close and task manager programmes, I simply must work to fast.
  2. Oak1ey
    this groups not doing bad almost upto 150 posts already, and this has only been running a few days now, imagine how many will be on this once the Scooby is completly finished 1000's and 1000's I imagine.

    I take it the majority of people in the states are on lunches at the moment, either that or you are ignoring me !!

    Thats not going to stop me from posting though
  3. tmann05
    lol ya im here workin though
  4. MrsO
    Just checked the jap tuning show site for details on Silverstone - £35 for tracktime on the day £25 before, (Jap cars only!) and an extra £10 for passengers

    The SIDC are there so if you pay membership before then we'll get the car into the paddock, once it's done we'll get the car into all of the shows over the summer

    What do you reckon?
  5. Oak1ey
    Yeah I'll get on the website and pay the membership, that way we can get into the paddock with all the other scoobys.

    Also means less hassle getting onto the track.

    I bet you any money SIDC have track time booked.

    What a sick video that would make me driving you catching it on film as we go round the track overtalking all the other scoobys.

    Okay the plan is simple load up Forza on XBOX pick the 22b and lets practise the laps until we know it perectly.

    I am already getting excited can't you tell

    I'm catch you yes I am Vrmmm Vrmmmmm
  6. Oak1ey
    Tmann we'll make sure you get a copy of the film, even if we have to send you a DVD over with clips and pictures. Our treat as your our buddy.

    Same with Weasel Chris and Justin.

    WHY - Cause we can
  7. Weasel 555
    Weasel 555
    you guys use AOL IM ?

    SIDC sounds like a decent plan i'm sure the Scoobynet guys will be there too
  8. MrsO
    Yup SIDC have confirmed track time, just been looking on their site!

    Sweetheart.....I don't need to practise the track on Forza - I got it damn sussed, unlike some people that keep pressing restart

    Who do you think you are that Sabine Schmit woman from the Nurburgring? lol
  9. Oak1ey
    Weasel obviosly your have meet the two different types of owenrs club, SIDC seem a mature mixture of men women and there scoobys. What are the people like on Scoobynet ??
  10. MrsO
    Nope, we shouldn't even have access to any forums at work really.

    we might be able to use it through e-messenger I'm not sure, will check!
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