UK and Ex-Pats Chat Group

UK and Ex-Pats Chat Group

  1. tmann05
    look at all them sexy tootys in a row :drools :P
  2. Weasel 555
    Weasel 555
    Denise Milani ftmfw
  3. Oak1ey
    Atleast we are now standing at 9 members with 120 ish posts not bad considering everyone is fairly new like me I have been a member for 3 weeks tomorrow, Chris did you not join the same day as me.

    When did you join Tmann that was Feb 08 wasn't it.

    And I think Weasel was here when theey built the first Forum

    Hope everyone is well and up for a chat !!

    Graphics or Not
  4. Weasel 555
    Weasel 555
    morning so anything new n xciting happening ?
  5. Oak1ey
    Justin does not his room mate and she apparently uses the forum so trying to convince justin to let her join our thread
  6. Weasel 555
    Weasel 555
    99 words for b( o ) ( o )bs ......
  7. MrsO
    thought you might like that one!
  8. Weasel 555
    Weasel 555
    yup definitely

    so u n SO into rallying at all?
  9. tmann05
  10. Weasel 555
    Weasel 555
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