Mashin' the pedal with my 6-inch stiletto.

Mashin' the pedal with my 6-inch stiletto.

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  1. Speedette
    Welcome subie girls! Feel free to introduce yourself or post about your car. Just be wary of any information you post, as this is a public forum.
  2. wrxtreme06
    yay =)

    i cant walk in heels nor do i think i can drive with them, but its the thought that counts!
    Hi Heather!! My heels are usually 3 t0 4 inches high, not 6! LOL. hows life on the East side of the country?? I'm doing well. Trying to get my JDM Front end ready to put on. Paint is going to cost me a pretty penny. Also saving up for some bigger injectors. I have a fuel pump waiting for install and then bobbys going to install my injectors, fuel pump and Retune my Forester! I CAN'T WAIT!
  4. Weasel 555
    Weasel 555
    saweet its the "Charlies Angels of the Scooby World" or u called the "Scoobettes"
  5. Speedette
    Hey you sneaky weasel!

    Hi Jenn! I saw your pics from your Hawaii vacation, just gorgeous! It also explains where you've been.

    And Dez, you should try it! Driving in heels can feel pretty empowering! Admittedly, it took me at least a year of driving stick before I was comfortable to do it in heels, but it just takes practice! I got tired of changing my shoes every day when I'd get to work and leave work, just so I could drive. I wouldn't recommend doing it in 6-inch heels though, that heel gets wedged under the pedals way too easily!
  6. RayfieldsWRX
    <watches with great interest>
  7. amccrazgrl
    Hey Heather!!!!!!!! Thanks for the invite!!!
    I sure have only wore heels once in my life time for a wedding when I was 10. LOL!!!!!
    I'll stick to my puma's
  8. 08wrxgirl
    hello ladies...nice to meet the scooby chicks
    Thanks for the pic comment, I have plenty more to post up still! Have the luau we went to with some friends and my new (5th) tattoo!! wow... Cant wait to go back next year. Also going to Oahu to visit family!
  10. 03WRX_YELLOW

    And Hello LADIES!! how you all doing...??

    Weasel and Ray... what are you two doing here...LOL...oohh you're part of the ladies group too huh...
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