I gotta say that I feel liberated. Iíve always had someone else do basic maintenance stuff on my cars, whether it was a dealer, a shop, or a friend. Yesterday, I decided I was going to do it myself. Granted, I was only doing some small stuff (air filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, fog light bulbs), but it was all me with no extra help. It may have taken me what I thought was a long time, but hey, first time by myself and I still had time to go see a movie.

I think Iím still going to let someone else handle the fluids because I donít want to deal with the disposal, but I definitely am going to be doing the basic stuff myself. I think next monthís challenge for me is going to be brakes maybe brake lines. Will shops change the brake lines for me if they do the brake fluids?

Anyhow, just thought Iíd share with yíall.