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This is a discussion on morning clutch shudder...a solution within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Can anyone tell me if the TSB discusses here is a more agressive or less aggressive clutch than the stock ...

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    TSB Solution?

    Can anyone tell me if the TSB discusses here is a more agressive or less aggressive clutch than the stock WRX clutch?

    My dealer just documented my clutch shudder this AM. I'm in Canada and our TSB on this issue only covers the 2.5L cars. My service guy said I have three options:
    1. Get the stock clutch replaced
    2. Get the upgraded clutch as per the USA TSB
    3. Put in an aftermarket (I pay for it)

    I am trying to debate as to whether I get the stock clutch replaced, which is supposed to be an aggressive clutch. Or, get the USA TSB recommended clutch. I have considered going aftermarket but the funds can't support it at the moment. I am considering throwing in a short-throw though.

    Thing is, the Master Tech at my dealer tells me that the 2.5L clutch replacement is a less aggressive clutch to make engagement smoother but as a result, you lose some off-the-line performance and clutch life is shorter. Does anyone know if this is also true for the 2.0L Turbo clutch upgrade? If it is, I may just get the stock clutch replaced with the same unit. Has anyone actually seen the two clutches side-by-side for a good comparison?

    Thanks, JC

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    I recently had mine replaced, along with the flywheel. I was told it has a little greater clamping force than the original (2002). I t does feel like it has a little more bite, but the pedal feel is light compared to my old one.

    I don't really know if it's any different. The original unit was pretty heavily worn (30k miles), so that could account for the better bite of the replacement.

    Clutch shudder is just as bad.


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    it's basically the same as the stock piece.. I noticed no actual difference in performance.. if you want a better clutch replace it w/ a better one but if you just want a stock clutch w/ out the jutter for free get the TSB replacement.
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    I too have noticed sometimes when the car is still kinda cold, the gas pedal vibrates a bit when i push down on it a bit while cruising and then it goes away when it warms up, does this have anything to do with the shudder or is this different entirely???

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