i did fill up which is probably what caused it, but the situation that surrounds the CEL activation is a little strange. filled up yesterday and made sure the cap was tight, the last few days i have felt like taking it easy so i have been drive more slowly than normal 3.5K shifts no WOT, going home from work the steady CEL comes on, get home check tha gas cap it was very tight, drove slowly to work just in case, went to the dealer he could not work it in until next tues to check the code, he asked if it drove fine, it did, i said i would drive around if it did not go off i would call him, left the dealer and drove my normal style 5-7K shifts lots of WOT sprint up to speed and the cel goes off. Almost seems like a Slow Driving Cel. i will pull the codes when i get a delta dash and see what it was.