New Car Break-in period
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This is a discussion on New Car Break-in period within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Did anyone else exceed the 4000 rpm limit in the first 1000 miles? Seriously I did not know about it ...

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    New Car Break-in period

    Did anyone else exceed the 4000 rpm limit in the first 1000 miles? Seriously I did not know about it until I was bored and peeked through the manual one day. I didn't go all out but I did drive a mountain road in Georgia pretty fast for about 10 miles at about 500 miles. And then a few fast starts here and there to check out the performance of my new car. So how big of a screw up is that? I mean is the manual just trying to be overly safe? How resilient is the WRX engine to that kind of thing. Someone make me feel better about it Thanks

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    hee hee hee.......
    Man......I have same situation.

    I knew about break-in period, but I still floored it.
    TOo many hondas were ticking me off.

    Don't worry man, I don't think you got as bad as me.
    I went over 125mph within that 1000 miles and raced at least GOOD 5-7 cars!

    I regret.....but too late. :-(

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    No worries.....

    Don't worry.....

    The break-in period directions are simply precautions. Kinda like....making sure you wait 20 mins. after eating before you hop into the pool. Although you might get a cramp, the chances are still low. And even if you get one, its not a big deal.

    Whatever damage you might have sustained to your car (if any) is hardly negligible. As long as you weren't flooring your car all the time and hitting the tracks during the weekends, your car should be fine. If there are any differences, your won't notice them until way way way past your car's prime know...when the world starts using flying cars and we eat pills labelled "steak" instead of the real thing....

    Its like saying, "well I accidently put 87 octane instead of 91" or "i accidently went past the redline for a couple seconds" bad for your car if done continuously, otherwise harmless....

    If it makes you feel any better, the manual also says not to drive at constant speeds during the break-in, something I didn't know either. I drove 800 miles using cruise control going to San Francisco from Los Angeles and back during my first 1000.

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    I feel relieved!

    I didn't really follow the under 4k rule today...first day of ownership < 100 miles.
    I'll try my best to be good.
    Glad I'm not the only one!

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