I know what the code means (P0546- EGT high circuit, sensor 1, bank1), but what I don't know is why I am throwing this code and why it keeps going away and coming back. It will come on at any given time for about 200 miles and then shut off for about 100-200 miles. It's not affecting my engine's performance at all but it is an annoyance. There is'nt any audible knock just in case that would matter. Currently I am running a BPM turbo-back, BPM UP, TXS TMIC, zerosports intake pipe, and a K&N...all of which has been accounted for in my ECUtek tuning. I still have the stock turbo and fuel system. I have had this same map for about 3-4 months now and I just threw the code about 2 weeks ago for the first time. Can any of you subaru guru's or techs give me an idea of why this is happening. I would really prefer not to go to the dealership so they can nag about all my mods.