MIS-FIRE (coil pack assembly)
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This is a discussion on MIS-FIRE (coil pack assembly) within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; I did a search here but found only 1 message. So, has anyone heard of this - had this problem? ...

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    MIS-FIRE (coil pack assembly)

    I did a search here but found only 1 message. So, has anyone heard of this - had this problem?

    I have 34000 m on my 2003 WRX. The check engine light came on steady last week. (Yes, my gas cap was tight). I had about 1/4 tank of gas, only thing was - it was COLDER than anything outside that night.

    Well, 2 days later it turned off on its own. I did call the dealer who said not to worry as long as drivability isnt't affected. (it wasn't).

    So, i had a chance today so i dropped the car off. The service department called me to tell me that Cylinder #4 was mis-firing and i needed a Coil Pack Assembly replacement. (warranty, thank goodness).

    So, that is done and I feel better that I took it in. I'm just wondering what this means and if anyone else had this problem. I drive agressive but I don't redline every day or anything.

    Only "mod" is I removed the intake silencer around 60 days ago. Also, I use synthetic motor oil.

    H E L P ! P L E A S E !!

    -Blue Ru <Suba>

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    I had that same problem on my early 02 WRX around the 30K mark. They replaced the faulty plug, boot, and coil pack under warranty. I can't say how long it would have worked as the car was totalled at 37637 miles.
    I'm not sure if is actually a problem though. It may be that the ECU is too sensitive and trips the CEL when it shouldn't
    I think some dealers have sent the ECU out for reprogramming to fix it permanently.

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