How many drain plugs on our manual trannys?
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This is a discussion on How many drain plugs on our manual trannys? within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; The story: So, i've taken my car into the dealer this week. Well, they called to ask me some questions ...

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    How many drain plugs on our manual trannys?

    The story:
    So, i've taken my car into the dealer this week. Well, they called to ask me some questions and told me i had overfilled the oil. He said depending on when you check it, the oil may be in this cavity or that cavity, or those cavities may be void of oil. He said his mechanic would drain the oil out, but there were 2 or 3 drain plugs he would have to open and depending on the plug he opened it would cost me between US$75 and US$100 in labor. Needless to say, i was not pleased.

    The question:
    Now as far as i know, there's only the one oil drain plug. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.
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    That guy is a moron. even if it was over filled, why would fixing it be any different than doing a regular oil change.

    I guess opening the drain plug, and the oil cover on top.. that would be 2 things that need to be opened.

    And how over filled was it? It can't be too bad unless you put like 6 quarts in..

    (disclaimer: I'm no expert, so don't shoot me if I am wrong, just using logic)
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    Did you check the oil after you changed it out? If so, then you should have noted whether or not it was overfilled or not. You should be able to use a vacuum pump to remove some of the oil. Or you can just loosen the oil filter for a bit to let some oil drain out.


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    thats classic........"sir it looks like you overfilled your oil, to remove the extra oil will cost 75 to 100........"
    hes bending you over.......and blowing smoke up your a$$ at the same time
    i hope you didn't believe him

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    someone asked this question before an i swear i answered it, but i cant find the thread

    anyway, i checked all the manuals, and havent come up with anything that says anything other than the single drain plug that we all know about
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    That is some load of BS. I hope that you have good luck finding another dealer.
    Of course, there's only one drain plug. You need to have the car level to get all/most of the fluid out, and our transmisions hold 3.7 (NOT 4!!!) quarts. From what I've read on previous posts, overfilling (even a little) is not a good idea, but I'd never pay $75 to anyone to remove 0.3 quarts.

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