The latest SUBARU engine design and fuel management systems have made
improvements in reducing exhaust emissions as well as contamination
of the
engine oil under normal use. Because of these improvements, it is no
required to perform the initial 3,000 mile oil change on all 2004 and
BOXER 4 (4 cylinder, including Turbo) Subaru vehicles.
The first oil change for BOXER 4 engines is 7 months/7,500 miles and
every 7
months/7,500 miles thereafter. Subaru does not use
"break-in" oil.

Normal usage is defined as typical driving and commuting in any type

The exceptions are:
- Regular towing of trailers
- Regular and continuous short trips that do not allow the engine to
fully warm-up
- Long periods of idling
- Continuous and repeated wide open throttle operation, especially
- Regular and continuous periods of operation in dusty climates

Note that all of these exceptions are for repeated occurrences.
traffic jams or wide open throttle accelerations do not fall in the
exceptions category.

The Subaru Boxer 6 engine will continue to require an initial 3,000
mile oil
change due as part of its maintenance schedule.

Therefore, we are immediately eliminating this maintenance
requirement on
all 2004 and later model, except for H6.