Questions; turbo noise, oil useage
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This is a discussion on Questions; turbo noise, oil useage within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; Hi Team! I have an '02 WRX wagon with 800 miles. Two questions. First, the turbo makes a siren sorta ...

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    Questions; turbo noise, oil useage

    Hi Team!

    I have an '02 WRX wagon with 800 miles. Two questions.
    First, the turbo makes a siren sorta sound (as it spins up/down ?) at low RPMs, say between 2K and 3K. Sounds for all the world like THE MANs comin' after me. (Not that I'd be doing anything with my new toy that would interest the "boys in blue" or anything . . . ;-) Is this normal? (The sound)
    Also, I checked the oil right after I took delivery of the car. Almost certain that it was topped off, but when I checked yesterday it was down perhaps 1/4 quart. Is it normal for the WRX engine to use oil (none of my older soobies do unless there is a leak), or is this a sign of worse things to come? Again, I'm not 100% sure about the levels, but I plan to do a change this weekend, and watch it very closely thereafter. TIA for any input here.

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    Turbos all make a nice whirring noise as they spool up

    My 02 Wagon does.

    Just thing that little impeller is spinning at upto 160,000 rpm at its max rpm!!!! Thats gotta produce some noise.

    With regards to oil is there a hot vs cold measurement on the dip stick?

    Maybe your read the hot level when the motor is cold?

    Wild guess!


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    During my first oil change, I had filled it with 4 quarts. But when i ran the engine arond the block and checked the oil again. i noticed that after the oil cycled. the oil was very low. after i added almost another quart did it become full.

    Not saying this is what happened, but it is a possibility the dealership didn't properly fill up the oil as in my example.


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    I believe there is slight thermal expansion in the oil when it's hot. But it would be a matter of consistency. If you always check the oil when it's cold, that's when you always check it.

    New engines can (it may, or maynot) use some oil in the break-in process.

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    .........not to mention dipstick is ridiculous to read unless cold.


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