REDLINE OIL help.....
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    REDLINE OIL help.....

    Question People?????
    I live in a hot place in a Caribbean island, the weather down here is from 75 to 105F all year long….
    I wrote redline and they toll me to put 5/30 engine oil in my WRX, but I read on their web site that the 5/30 is for real cool weather temp engine start.
    I don’t know if to go with the 10/30 or even with the 10/40.
    I have 4300 mile in my car they toll me it was ok to change to their oil………

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    Check your owner's manual (you're not in the USA so I assume your manual will spec different oil grades/viscosities than mine, say). You need to follow the manual specs for warranty purposes, and I don't know if any Redline products are API SL, for example, which is what we're required to run stateside.

    Warranty reqs permitting, you should not notice a difference between the 5- and 10W-30 grades, provided the 5W-30 does not result in increased consumption, maybe due to the wider spread. Of the 3 oils you mentioned, I'd expect the 10W-30 to stay within spec longest, the 10W-40 to provide the most high temp protection but also the worst horsepower and fuel economy, and the 5W-30 to provide the best startup protection - however, these estimates are derived from rules of thumb generated by dino oil use, and RL oils are Group V ester based products with moly etc., no relatio to dino oils (except perhaps the small % dino used as a carrier for the additive package).

    Check out the sticky thread, "Oil Change" in the maintenance forum. In it there's lots of info and a link to one of the best sites on the web for oil and tribology discussions.

    The short answer is that none of these oils will cause you any problem provided you do not road race or rallye (read: hours on end at the redline in dirty, hot conditions etc.). If you do, go with the 40W IMO. If you do, warranty is out the window anyway so you can run any oil you want, in which case you might ask about their 5W-40 (it exists even though it's not listed on their website) and/or 20W-50. If you don't compete in the car, just check your manual and go from there.

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