With all the talk of oil changes and the sticky status of the oil change thread, I've begun thinking about a "mod" that'd potentially be worthwhile/neat for some: a larger, perhaps baffled oil sump.

Anyone have any input on this? I know Moroso make a great sump for the early Mitsu 4G63, for example. Has anyone swapped sumps on their WRX, if so with what, what's the capacity, and what's the cost?

I realise the negatives to this: warranty out the window probably, maybe less ground clearance, need for a recalibrated dipstick, and an oily mess when swapping sumps while lying on your back on a cold, messy garage floor in the middle of the night etc. But there are a few potential positives:

-Increased capacity (yay!). I think one reason Merc's specs are so tough (e.g., MB229.3 and MB229.5 are oil specs most oils on the US market haven't a prayer of meeting) is that their larger sumps afford them some "slack," as the oil is not stressed as much when there is nearly twice the volume (some Merc sumps exceed 8 litres, ours is just 4.5).
-Baffling to prevent starvation while cornering, very useful to you track guys.