Why do speed shops bull****?
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    Why do speed shops bull****?

    Hey, I am the last one to complain about my shop. They do great work. I just can't believe that I spend over 22, 000 and they treat me like a piece of ****. I had simple work to be done, just my highs and mids in my sterieo and they didn't even boother with it. And I was one of the first people to be there when they opened this mourning. Maybe I need to be an *******? They seem to get their work done fast. I thought that if was cool that they would treat me with some respect, ,,,fat chance., I am put off and lead to believe that my car will be done in the next few weeks. Serioury I am considering going to some other shop. I don't care if it is in Manyland. I am not happy at all. The funny thing is that these guys expect favors from me. I'm not doing any thing for them. They can rot in hell. I will never do anything for them when they treat me like this. There are a few that are nice to me, but they are few and far between. I just don't know what to do?????????????????? How much more money do I have to spend until I get some good service. I know that they are busy, but what is $100 when you are spending thousands?

    If you have a shop and can do my work soom I will be your customer. I live in Pittsburgh Pa. Help me please

    Dave Sites

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    Thats what you get for living in Pittsburgh. heh, just kidding, sort of,. I was born and raised there, and service of any kind was a rare thing there.
    If your willing to drive 2 hours to akron/canton area, I can recommend some very good shops to do anything from uppipes and turbos to radios.
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    Hey, I work in Akron. I'd love to hear your recommendations.
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