took the wrx in for her first oil change today and subaru found a problem with the ac line cap (not sure which one). apparently it came off. they couldn't take care of it today as they didn't have the part. apparently they can't replace the cap without replacing the entire ac line (again, not sure which one), which means removal of the line after evacuation of the refrigerant, installation of a new line and reinstallation of refrigerant. total of about 2.5 hours. suggested i drop the car off. it'll take about a week for the part. obviously covered under warranty.

just thought i'd ask if anyone else has had the problem and inform all, for those diy's out there on their oil changes, check your ac lines very carefully. you may have problems. i haven't done any mods to the car, have not taken it down gravel roads, rocks a flyin', haven't used the ac ever since i bought the car. not sure what's up, whether it's a fluke or not.

on another note, i swear i saw a wrb sti today, just before getting to the dealer, while gasing up and leaving the station. it had 30 day tags on it, had the sti wing, had the front sti 04 headlamps and the bronze 17's. i suppose someone could have modded their standard wrb wrx, but how with 30 day tags could they have gotten those parts so quickly and on their car? obviously the sti has not arrived yet, the dealer said they knew nothing about one in the states and the sti is not coming to the kc auto show this week, so i don't know what was up, but it was exciting to see.

our dealers are not taking orders on sti's but are putting people on a list with a deposit. once the cars come in you get whatever shows up or you get moved off the list. they asked if i wanted to be number 9. haha. uh, if it weren't for the added insurance maybe.

got to follow a turbo mr2 home on the highway too. the interstate was very crowded (rush hour) so we didn't get to play too much. wished for more open roads. he headed off and i gave him a distant thumbs up.

nice oil change.