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Ehh..i drained the oil until it got dark out...I doubt I drained enough (as it was trickling and i FEAR undoing the drain plug and sticking it back in after 3 seconds.). I am using full synth...I suppose all of these problems will still occur with this type of oil? I can't imagine sythetic oil, the most corrosive and vile liquid known to man, frothing up...hah. I probably got about .5 quarts out of there.
Like I said, you can also drain it all, catch it in a clean pan, and pour it back in. PITA, but worth a try.

I've never had a problem with oil running out from around the plug, but the engine does need to be warm first for it to work right. Ahh... I'll never forget that familiar feeling of hot engine oil running down the entire length of my arm as I cranked that bolt out