Mobil 1 Syn Question
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This is a discussion on Mobil 1 Syn Question within the General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents. forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; I have been hearing of people with spun rod bearings while using Mobil 1 Syn. Has anyone heard of this? ...

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    Mobil 1 Syn Question

    I have been hearing of people with spun rod bearings while using Mobil 1 Syn. Has anyone heard of this? If this has been a problem, which oil is the "suggested" oil to use?

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    Hope not. I am running 10w30 right now. I had 5w-30 but it was running like ass in the heat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by langridge View Post
    I have been hearing of people with spun rod bearings while using Mobil 1 Syn.

    What indication is there that the oil was the source of the failures? If none, what colour were their cars?

    Has anyone heard of this?


    If this has been a problem, which oil is the "suggested" oil to use?
    Check your manual for the recommended oil type and viscosity.

    I've seen no data that indicates M1 is not suited for our motors. I've seen a lot of data showing M1 does very well in our motors. Here are some oil analyses for the WRX, and you can pick an oil for yourself based on the data:

    M1 5W-30 over endless miles, great results and solid performance:

    M1 10W-30 with short commutes (tough on oil):

    M1 5W-40 Truck/SUV, now sold as M1 Turbodiesel (for my money, the best oil Mobil sells in the USA):

    M1 10W-30 with 7,500 miles on it:

    and so on and so forth.

    You can repeat the search using your oil of choice as a keyword and get other info and chose your own oil with your own criteria.

    Happy shopping.
    WRX Info Links, Courtesy TheJ
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    I'm with SD_GR.

    Never heard Mobil 1 was the problem.
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    i use the mobil, no problems so far

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    +1 I've been using M1/Royal Purple and haven't had any issues - changing every 3000-5000 depending on how dirty it looks and how often I get around to having it changed.

    If you are willing to spend the money and a small amount of time, oil analysis is the way to go. I worked for a Limo company that performed oil analysis for a while instead of regular intervals for changing the oil. It saved them quite a bit of money - however these were mostly towncars and various stretches, most of the stretches have increased oil capacity. For a fleet it would be a no brainer in my eyes to do the analysis route.
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