ok so i have a 2003 stage 2 WRX (uppipe/TBE/CObb AP))with 82,000miles with the stock boost gauge.. i really should buy one i can understand.. but o well.. anyways.. for the first 4 or 5 months running stage 2 i was boosting to about .12 and slowly over time during the last month the boost preasure is dropping and boosts just below .9... basically i am slowly loosing boost... ive checked all the lines.. nothings leaking...well i stumbled apon some posts... not sure where.. i know im not being extreamly helpful.. while i was looking up way to solve my boost creep problem.. in 4th and 5th it used to creep up and down pretty bad... the creep is still there but the max it reaches is lower... anyways... i found posts about people cleaning thier boost solenoids solving this problem... ive also seen posts talking about the boost solenoid causing boost loss... so i can either clean it or buy a new one.. i figure i might as well try cleaning it before buying a new one... since i really have no idea how to "properly" clean it anyone have a guide.. or just easy to follow steps on how and what to use to clean it... thanks