Hey all,

Okay, so for those curious about passing NJ State vehicle inspection, I figured I'd put up a post to help, as resources were limited when I checked up a few months back.

First, my setup:
  • TurboXS Uppipe
  • Bosal twin-dump downpipe
  • Bosal single tip catback

I didn't have engine management for a while, so I had a CEL running for a bit. Eventually, I stopped procrastinating and got an AccessPort 2.0.

Here's where I ran into some difficult. At first, I thought my CEL was just a normal "cat inefficiency" code or what have you, a result of removing all but one catalytic converter. Turns out it was a legit code (fried 02 sensor in the front), and I had to swap out the 02 sensor.

What I forgot to do was perform the Reset ECU function on the AP after this "legit" CEL. Henceforth, I drove the car about 2000 miles before my first inspection and failed, as my Catalytic Monitor and 02 Sensor was in "Not Ready" mode during the OBD-II scan. Seems the ECU when you initially reprogram with the AccesPort, takes a while to get those sensors back to "Ready" status if a legit code does exist.

So I performed a Reset ECU off of my AccessPort, drove the car around another 1500 miles just to be safe, came back and passed inspection.

Moral of the Story: Use Engine Management to pass inspection. If you reprogram your ECU with a legit CEL, make sure whatever reprogrammed your ECU can reset it as well.

Hope this helps anyone as they get their modded scoobies through inspection,