When i turn my car on it drives ok but after it gets to normal temp. and i turn my car off and then come back a few minutes later without letting my engine cool down enough i get a misfire on all 4cyls. but when i drive it for a few minutes it goes back to driving normal without the misfires but my CEL is still there. plugs are good pulled them out tonite and checked them. i thought it might of been the gasket between the engine block and intake manifold since the block is aluminum and the stock gaskets are metal and they run different temp. even re-checked to make sure every electrical connection is connected right and that there not shorting. also check my vaccuum hoses for any rip/tear. done a search and mostly found that the case are normally the coil packs gone bad but if anyone ever had this same problem or knows what i can do or check for i will appreciate it..... 26k miles on engine so far 05 STi

my mods at the moment are

catless full blown exhaust headers-muffler
turbo boost control
816cc fuel injectors
perrin fuel rail
walboro fuel pump
short ram intake
front mount intercooler
stage 1 cold plugs
NX N-tercooler
A-FPR Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Lightweight flywheel
Stage 2 Racing Clutch

just wanna get the misfire fix before i drop my new turbo in and re-tune it.... also gonna try to do a compression test this weekend if time allows