Well I went to change the rotors and break pads on a 98 Forester that my father gave me after he picked up his new car. I had to get the back rotors replaced as they were causing the car to fail inspection.

Let me get to the problem. I got the caliper off the car but when I went to remove the rotor it would not move. I made sure the emergency break was off and I used both a rubber mallet and a 8.8 screw in the rotor holes to push the rotor out.

What I found was that the emergency break, which is a drum break, was holding the inside part of the rotor on. I could not get it loose. I finally found a slot on the back of the metal that is the backing for the caliper. The slot was labeled BR with and arrow pointing up.

Inside there was a metal slotted thing that I was able to move using a screw driver. This actually loosened the emergency break drum and I was able to get the rotor off.

However on the second rotor the same thing happened and when I went to spin the metal thing in the area labeled BR it would not budge. I ended up trying to force the rotor off and broke something in the emergency break as a part fell out and now the break makes a horrible noise like the spring in the drum are making all this crazy noise.


1) What can I do to get the rotor off? I am not able to spin that BR thing.

2) Do they make a special tool to use to spin this BR (I assume it means break release)

3) Does anybody have pictures and data/information on the drum break (Emergency break) so I know what I need to do to fix it after I get the rotor off?

4) Are the metal clips that hold break pads in necessary? I could not get my new pads to fit in with the existing metal clips on the calipers. I had to take the clips off. IT is my understanding they are just there for noise and vibration reduction.... Are they needed?

I need help so anything you guys can tell me is much appreciated.