Ok so I am all ways finding imperfections on my used 02 WRX and last night I found somthing that frightened me more than any of the body damage. I was trying to drill and tap my exhaust manifold when I found the plastic in the front driver's side of the engine was cracked. It was split preety good. I have an idea of what it is but am unsure. It looks like the housing for the timing belt is broken. The plastic is housing some belts that are in the front off the engine forward of the valves. I dont even know If these engines have timing belts or what not but Im conserened. Does any one have any idea what part this is so I can get a new one on the way. Is this going to be somthing I can replace my self or will I have to do some timing crap that requires my car siting at subaru for weeks? Also The exhaust valves in the engine where white is this normal or is my motor going to blow up.