Well I got the TSB done about a week ago found from this thread:


I haven't had a chance to drive the car until a couple of days ago. I immediately noticed there were a couple of "problems" right after the TSB was done.

1) The gas pedal vibrates now. It was never like this before the dealership did the TSB fix. Now, the gas pedal vibrates whenever I press on it or in any gear. If I just lay my foot on the gas pedal without even pressing on it, I can feel a very noticeable vibration.

2) Going from 3rd to 4th gear or when I'm in 4th gear. I'll put my foot on the gas and let go. I notice a loud "whooshing" noise coming from the foot pedal area. It sounds like air is being sucked in. Everytime I let go of the gas pedal, I can hear this "whooshing" sound.

I'm kind of annoyed now. Anyone have any experience with this??